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Disclaimer for The Lawn Guide


We accept paid advertising on The Lawn Guide.

As our advertisers are informed, and respect, we will never alter lawn care advice in favour of advertisers.
Our lawn care advice will always be unbiased.

Potential advertisers who do not respect this integrity, will not be invited to advertise on The Lawn Guide.

Lawn Care Opinion

Some articles or ideas presented on The Lawn Guide are based on opinion. Opinion which is my own, opinion which is independent, and opinion which is based on my own on-the-ground experience in the lawn care industry.

Lawn Care Facts

Some articles on The Lawn Guide may refer to facts in independent research.

I have endeavoured to decipher these to my greatest ability, often spending hours reading just to ensure I have the most accurate results to present in an easy to understand manner, and to ensure that no mistakes have been made.

However, I am human, if I have made any mistake in deciphering these papers, the mistake would have been completely unintentional. If you have the same research papers and are sure there is a correction to be made, please contact me and outline any information which you believe requires alteration.

Please be nice in any correspondence. If you're abusive - I will probably just ignore you.


All information presented on The Lawn Guide is provided with the greatest intention of accuracy.

However, not all lawn care advice is suitable for all situations, nor all soil types, nor all regions of Australia, nor all weather conditions, nor all lawn types.

Not all lawn care information presented on The Lawn Guide will be suitable for every lawn.

Neither can we monitor or guarantee how anybody puts any information found on The Lawn Guide into practice.

The Lawn Guide is intended as a general lawn care information service only.

Exemption from Liability

We accept no liability as to how people use the information on The Lawn Guide, nor if they experience detrimental lawn results by practicing the advice given on this website, nor if they misinterpret anything which has been written.

All content original and copyright
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