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Lawn care discussions covering topics of interest in a less formal and friendly blog format
Our lawn care blog covers many brand new lawn care topics as well as delving into behind the scenes discussions and revelations of the lawn industry in Australia

The Truth About Australian Grass Types

Australian Lawn Truth
Australian lawn owners beware
Mis-information about lawns now abounds

Grass Types In Australia

I have recently found some highly disturbing information online about the origins and traits of grass types in Australia. The information was disturbing because it was on a website which was owned by people who know the truth, and instead chooses to spread falsehoods in order to sell more of their own grass. And the information was BRAND NEW.

So be warned…

What I'm about to publish are FACTS… and the only people who will contradict them, either…

  • have no idea about grass - so get off their website ASAP
  • are purposefully spreading wrong information to you - so get off their website ASAP

All of this wrong information that we are about to contradict came from a single source.

Smashing Mis-Information About Grass Types and Lawns

This is our first of what I am sure will be many articles which are written to SMASH the current organised campaign of mis-information about grass types and lawns in Australia.

We won't let mis-information flourish.

So here's the truth…

Start Spreading The Truth ... about lawns!

Sir Walter Derivatives
Some websites now claim there is no such thing as a Sir Walter derivative... be warned… any such claim is FALSE and HIGHLY MISLEADING, and every person within the turf industry knows this. Sapphire Buffalo was bred from Sir Walter to be an improvement over its parent grass.

Australia's Most Shade Tolerant Buffalo Grass
Despite some appalling claims to be found on some grass company websites, the truth is the truth, and the same is true for the shade tolerance of Buffalo Grass varieties. Backed up and proven by leading independent research... the most shade tolerant Buffalo Grass in Australia is and remains Sapphire, followed closely behind by Matilda. Beware of any grass company who tries to say anything different, as every person within the Australian Turf Industry knows these facts to be true and indisputable.

Native Australian Lawn
The ONLY lawn which originates in and is 100% native to Australia is NARA Zoysia.

Sweet Smother / Durban Grass
Known by two names, this grass originates in Africa
It is NOT native to Australia

Centipede Grass
Centipede Grass originates in China - it is NOT native to Australia

Kikuyu originates in Africa - it is NOT native to Australia

Aussie Blue
Aussie Blue is a variety of Queensland Blue
Aussie Blue was further bred in Australia to be an improvement over old Queensland Blue
Queensland Blue originates in South Africa - it is NOT native to Australia

Buffalo Grass
Buffalo Grass comes from Africa - America - The Mediteranean - it is NOT native to Australia
Yes, this grass is highly unusual that it has three very different originating sources
Some Buffalo grasses such as Matilda and Sapphire were further bred in Australia, while others were discovered to be displaying different characteristics than a parent Buffalo lawn in Australia.

Buffalo Grass / St Augustine Grass
Buffalo grass and St Augustine grass are exactly the same grass.
What we call Buffalo grass, the Americans call St Augustine grass
Don't let anyone say that their grass is St Augustine and their competitors is Buffalo
Unless it is Palmetto, whose original trade name was Palmetto St Augustine

Empire is a specially bred Zoysia grass
It is NOT a Couch grass

Empress is a specially bred Zoysia grass
It is NOT a Couch grass

Zoysia is NOT a Couch grass.
Zoysia is NOT related to Couch
Most Zoysia grasses derive from Asia.
Zoysia can be found native to many different countries - including Australia
Most Zoysia grasses sold today were specially bred in the United States
Most Zoysia breeding is still recognised as the BEST turf breeding in the world
Nara Zoysia IS an Australian native Zoysia grass from Queensland
Nara Zoysia IS Australia's ONLY native grass being sold as a high quality home lawn today
Nara Zoysia WAS specially bred over 10 years by a real Aussie turf breeder

by The Lawn Guide
australia's independent source of quality lawn care advice
© Copyright ~ The Lawn Guide
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