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As from August 2015 KWM Media Group will be managing this site. Brought about by watching the sites popularity grow and seeing the returns such clients as Ozbreed has seen in advertising on the site over the past few years. When we discovered the site was for sale, we jumped at the chance of buying it. As the readers tell us the site has provided a good lawn buying guide, and great lawn care tips to Aussies who love their front and backyard turf. We’ll aim to keep that tradition alive. With the growing support of the turf industry and other lawn and non-lawn related contributors we will continue to offer the reader quality editorial and solid advice. Our aim will be to keep the existing integrity of the site, updating pages only where necessary and strive to continuously improve the content. We encourage the readers to offer feedback wherever and whenever motivated to do so .So if anyone would like us to update information on a page or introduce any new pages, please contact us, and we will look into it for you. So enjoy all the existing site has to offer and look forward to addition info down the track. To find out more about KWM media go to our website. http://kwmmediagroup.com.au For full disclosure purposes, KWM media and the editors are not related in any way to Sir Walter, Matilda, Village Green, and have no right to grow, sell or license others to grow and sell the Sir Walter, or Matilda or Village Green brands of grass. KWM Media is contracted to Ozbreed to buy and create advertising for their licensed brand names, including Palmetto, Sapphire, Prestige, Nara, Empire, Kenda, and Stadium. The views expressed here are views of the previous contributors or ‘New Content’ are the views of KWM media and industry informants including clients. Where grass types are mentioned, they are for comparison use only. Content was previously supplied to the old owners of the Lawn Guide by Ozbreed, including videos and the ‘Lawn Expert Blog’. It is the intention of KWM Media to look for additional information sources again using unpaid contribution from both clients and non-clients. Please feel free to contact us regards any advertising opportunities you may require on this site or otherwise. It is the intention of KWM Media to continue supplying original content through a variety of sources including such industry authorities as Ozbreed and others, and to make this site a resource for all things related to lawn. Here’s to your great looking lawn.

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The old saying... "1 year of seeding equals 7 years of weeding" is TRUE. Seeds can stay in the ground for many years, only germinating a percentage each year. This ensures the survival of the plant species - where if conditions aren't right for it's survival this year - conditions will be right at some time in the next few years.
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